Best Online Casino Games

Everyone has a front-runner for their own list of the best online casino games. Sometimes it’s simply the best online video version of their favorite casino game. Others discover that games that didn’t excite them in the casinos become surprisingly addicting when done right by one of the best online casinos. Yet others discover that the unique capabilities of the online environment have generated a batch of totally new games unlike any that you’d find at the casino. And unlike the casinos, every single one of these games has a free version — so you can experience them to your heart’s content before you ever wager a penny. has plenty of choices if you want to spend some time with old friends like poker, blackjack, craps, keno, et cetera. But when you feel like trying something a little unusual (and yet as comfortable as an old deck of cards), give Dazzling Dice a try. This unique specialty game combines the proven fun of online games like craps and poker, and throws in a touch of the addicting “glittering jewels” type of of free online puzzle game. Where else can you roll cards and get a hand of dice?

When you think of, certain words tend to come into your mind and “hot” is probably near the top of that list. So how about a game called “Hot Dice”? At, you always feel like giving into temptation and taking a chance, so why not extend that to trying an addicting online game that you’ve never played before?

No doubt you’ve tried your luck at the roulette wheel before. Still, when in Rome…and the roulette at will make you appreciate, or even re-evaluate, what you expect from an online video version of this classic fixture in casinos everywhere. Stunning graphics and sound, added to that unmistakable feeling of elegance that is in abundance at, will be certain to enchant those who find roulette particularly addicting — and possibly even change the minds of a few jaded casino veterans who have been lukewarm towards the game in the past.

I’m sure you expected me to point out one of the many unique and addicting online video slots from (and after all, with over 75 of them, I had many to choose from!). However, as soon as I saw this beautiful version of a game that USA players may not have ever experienced, my decision was made. After all, where better than an online casino to try out a game that may very well seemed intimidating in a brick-and-mortar casino? Especially when you have the option of a free versions to enjoy and learn the rules (trust me, they seem like second-nature in surprisingly little time!) before your hard-earned cash is on the line.

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