My Royal

I have been playing poker for a very long time. Most of my life as a matter of fact. When I was a kid my mom used to like to play poker with my brother and I. She taught us an assortment of games and we played regularly. She was also a fan of Dominos, Monopoly, Jacks and a bunch of other obscure games. I am very thankful that she did because it has helped me through life with an array of skills. You might not realize it but if you are really good at playing poker you can translate some of those skills into other areas as well…

Since I have been playing since I was a kid I have been in on a lot of hands of poker. I have won and lost hands both that should have gone the other way. You know sometimes when there’s a bad beat, you are on the winning side and other times you are on the losing side… You know what a bad beat is, right? Let me run you through a scenario to explain what I am talking about. Lets say that you have end up with 4 kings after starting with a pair of them. Well that would, under normal circumstances, almost certainly be a winning hand but for just a moment try to imagine facing down a Royal Flush when the person across the table turns their cards over. That is a hard bite to swallow. You start on the top of the world but soon find yourself tumbling to the ground.

Speaking of the elusive Royal Flush it is an amazing thing when it happens all by itself. Think about the odds that someone would get a Royal Flush at the same time as another player sitting at the table having a 4 of a kind. Think about it, just a 4 of a kind is a pretty darn good poker hand. It is no laughing matter when you have one and somebody else beats it with anything else and the odds must be astronomical.

I had a similar situation when I hit my Royal Flush. You see, I had the Straight Flush to the Ace while the woman sitting across from me was staring down a Straight Flush to the King. There was only one card I could have had to beat her and it so happened that I had it. This was during a game of Texas Hold’em. it was amazing that the 10 through King of hearts all ended up in the community cards. I am just happy that I ended up on the winning side because there was no bad beat progressive going on to divide up amongst us.